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Starting Your Own Garden

Starting your own garden can be easy and fun! Here's how:

1. Determine the amount of sunlight your garden will receive. You can also measure the pH of your soil with soil pH strips.

2. Determine how much space you have. A single pot works, just make sure it's the right size for what you plant. If you have a lot of space, consider raised beds or a native plant garden.

Terracotta pots are an affordable and practical option for college students. You can paint and decorate them too! 

3. With this information, you can decide which plants will grow best. Plant your seeds according to the information on the packet in loose soil, so they can get air, and water it accordingly. 


  • An herb garden is great to start with because they grow well in pots and are easy to maintain. You can grow them in your kitchen or dorm window. Use the clippings to add flavor to your food! 
  • Neem oil mixed with organic soap is an easy, natural pesticide for your garden.
  • Many flowers such as sweet peas and marigolds also help to keep pests away and attract pollinators for an outdoor garden. 
  • For UC-approved and locally tailored gardening advice, you can contact the UCCE Merced Master Gardeners here.