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DIY Recycled Bottle Garden

 From Bottle to Garden


Plastic Bottles

For the first step take any recycled plastic bottle you may have. It can be anything from a water bottle to a soda bottle. Then cut a square in the center, be careful during this step. Once the bottle is cut, make sure the inside of the bottle is clean and does not have any liquid from before. Add two entry and exit holes on each end of the bottle. This is optional if you want to hang your bottles. If you do not prefer this setup, cut the bottle in half, so it can stand on its own. 

Just Add Soil

Next, layer the gravel mixture with a rich potting mix. Make sure to spread the soil evenly, Then plant the flower or herb you want to. Make sure it is deep in the soil. Spray the soil and plant with tepid water. Make sure it is moist. Once this is done, you don't have to water it again until the soil is dry. Try your best to keep it out of direct sunlight, this will keep the plant from wilting. 

Use as Decorations

Once you have finished setting up your bottles, you can either put them on your desk or hang them up! Feel free to use them as decorations, while saving the planet one step at a time!